Brennan Gilpatrick is a writer and filmmaker with a penchant for strong characterization, healthy collaboration, and juggling as many projects as possible without driving himself insane.

Brennan's debut novel BATTERY LIFE, a post-apocalyptic epic, is available now under Blackstone Publishing.

He currently works as a freelance video game writer, with a resume that includes the popular PAYDAY franchise and a recently announced DUNGEONS & DRAGONS project from Starbreeze Studios.

His pilot screenplay "Definitely Cursed" won the 2019 ScreenCraft Animation Script Competition.

As a director, Brennan has created promos for brands like Sony, Hilton Hotels and T-Mobile, as well as music videos for artists like Lisa Loeb and Kirue. He's also produced a series of short films that includes the Crypt TV-acquired video Bubbles – which has amassed over 1 million views across the brand's social platforms.

When not sitting at his computer with terrible posture, Brennan enjoys playing video games, binge-watching horror films, and eating large quantities of hummus.

His current favorite word is "bioluminescent." Just in case you were curious.

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